Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

It’s been a whirlwind few months, but now I’m finding my rhythm and prioritizing po(i)sed. I hate to have my followers be disappointed in my lack of posting! So, Mom, Dad: I apologize! And for those of you who check in and aren’t privy to parental knowledge, allow me to explain my whereabouts…

I’ve been transitioning from Yoga Teacher Trainee to Teacher, from unemployed SAHG to gainfully employed Yoga Advisor, from Gramercy Girl to West Villager. That’s right, we are finally settled into our new digs. Now we just need shades (or blinds?) and some wall art. And a hall tree. Anyway, here are some of my new neighborhood finds:

Just around the corner from our apartment, this cute little coffee shop serves delicious Joe and also offers croissants, scones, bagels and even apples from upstate New York. Score a seat at one of the spot’s few tables and enjoy awesome tunes and some quality people watching. I saw Mandy Patinkin in there the other day. 

This old-fashioned diner is cramped with small tables and has a hodge-podge of self-promotional wall “art.” More important, the food is scrumptious! We always pass on trendy brunch scenes and opt for this underrated hole in the wall. This is super cheesy to say, but it really is a hole in one! My Bonbonniere favorites: the veggie omelet, French toast and chocolate milkshake. 

This bagel shop isn’t exactly unknown but its best food on the menu is: I discovered that Murray’s Bagels has the best chocolate chip cookies in the city! And the bagels aren’t bad. 

And in my spare time, in addition to eating and drinking my way through The Village I’ve been… modeling! Check out my feature in Lucky magazine. And stay tuned for my “Mindful Beauty” post. I’ll share my tried and true makeup tips and more.


P.S. Back to the Here & Now

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