Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Jigsaw puzzles remind me of my sweet Grandpa Riis. When he was a little more ‘with it’ but not quite mobile he would spend lots of time putting together puzzle pieces. Until recently I wouldn’t have thought to buy a puzzle for myself. I don’t have too much free time outside of work, blogging and Breaking Bad J But I happened to see an especially cool puzzle at Crate & Barrel. C & B is randomly and awesomely having the coolest items this holiday season. And cool puzzles can definitely make for unique gifts. I gave myself (and my husband) the gift of this particular Paris map puzzle, as ‘research’ for a Paris trip I hope to plan at some point soon.

I was home sick recently and without my better half, so I couldn’t give into my current addiction of Breaking Bad. (Have I mentioned we’re watching Breaking Bad?) So I broke out the Paris puzzle. It took about two hours to turn the 1,000 pieces right side up. It’s going to be a little more challenging, not to mention time-consuming, than I had anticipated. But I’m up for the challenge. And I’m feeling extra motivated to start researching our next move, so we’ll have a big enough table to accommodate the 19” x 27” completed map of The City of Light.



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