Friday, July 22, 2011

In on the heavy clam bakes

If you’re stuck in the city this weekend, hit up some seafood restaurants and pretend you actually signed up for this 115 degree island experience…
Make it magical with martinis and/or white wine.

Best oysters you’ve never heard of-
We stumbled upon these at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. Get them at Mary’s Fish Camp in the West Village.

OR if you reside on the East, The Mermaid Inn is a lovely spot for shellfish and there's a "lobsterpalooza" special on Sundays.


P.S. For martinis I recommend Russian Standard Vodka. And if you're drinking wine, Sancerre is the best white. Cheers!

(Images via Island CreekThe Mermaid Inn)


  1. I prefer Flex Mussels :)

  2. mmm love flex! special entry on mussels to come... A


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