Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bought with love…

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones you can share (with your significant other, best friend, Mom, whoever!) Here’s my V-Day Gift Guide:

Tickets to a Comedy Show
Get giddy together (and pray the two of you don’t become comedian prey…) I’ve been wanting to check out the Comedy Cellar, and I’d love to see Aziz Ansari!

A Couples Massage (or Spa Day with a Friend/ Mom/Sister…)
Clearly a win/win situation. I like Townhouse Spa and Silk Day Spa in NYC.

A Wine Class
Get some wine education while sipping with your sweetie. My friend Jacki (who has impeccable taste and who also really appreciates a good time) recommends Vintners.

A Clean Home
(Great gift for a roommate) No matter how hard I work at keeping the apartment tidy, it just feels so much cleaner when a professional comes in and works her magic. Ask around for recommendations or email for NYC suggestions.

A Private Duet Yoga Session
Share your love of yoga with a special someone! Or if you’re new to yoga, try it with another newbie. I recommend YogaWorks (of course). Email to set up a session.

Happy V-Day,


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