Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I’m back!

I didn’t mean to abandon AMB so abruptly, but I got super busy come summer.

What did I do this past summer? As this New Yorker cartoon quite accurately indicates, anyone following me on social media is in the know.

I got married out in Napa and went on an extraordinary honeymoon across South Africa and Mauritius. I also got promoted at work. So now I have a new last name and a new nine to five, and even more to share via this blog.

First thing’s first: the wedding. I could go on and on about the beautiful ceremony and the fabulous reception, not to mention wax poetic about marrying my best friend. But first I want to share a few photos. I apologize if we’re friends on Facebook and you’ve seen me post wedding pictures ad nauseam already. But I’m beyond excited to give my readers a glimpse at my most special day, captured by the amazing photographer Carlie Statsky. [More on wedding vendors to come.] For now, see below for some images from the day.


(Photos by Carlie Statsky)


  1. Amy Rosenthal, you are the most beautiful bride in the world. If only I could have toasted to your happiness. I would have brought champagne and scones into the office.

    Every small decision I heard you discuss and every navy (cerulean? gray?) swatch we looked at clearly led to the ultimate, gorgeous ceremony. Your photos make me want to get married! Err, better start dating first...

    Miss you!


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