Friday, March 9, 2012

Paris Calling

I’d never heard of Caroline de Maigret until I saw her modeling in a Madewell catalog that came in the mail today. (I’d also thought retail catalogs were obsolete.) But these shots of Caroline are very cool. And I really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes footage of her Paris Madewell shoot:

Now I’m daydreaming about going back to The City of Lights (I was there yeas ago with my Grandparents and then my step-sister.) I’d love to go back and just stroll around cobblestone streets and eat. Even the bread & butter there is AMAZING. 


P.S. Did you see Midnight in Paris? I absolutely loved it! I can totally relate to Woody Allen (probably not a good thing?!) - but I often think to myself that I belong in a different era - like in a Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott novel where little women just take long walks, read a lot and fall in love.


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