Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simone the Psychic at Sant Ambroeus

On Saturday night I went out with my best friend Jessi and my boyfriend Justin to grab a late bite and drinks at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village. We ate al fresco on the sidewalk and took in the scenery, which consisted mostly of drunk passers-by. We noticed a large drag queen reading peoples’ palms at a table nearby. He/She was peering into diners’ palms and speaking quickly and in a hushed voice. We were a bit wine-buzzed ourselves and we were feeling open-minded, so we welcomed The Palm Reader when she shimmied over to our table. She laid it out for us: “I won’t charge you but I do take tips. My name’s Simone.” Off the bat this was an auspicious situation, the name Simone also belonging to Justin’s beautiful new niece.

Simone turned first to Jessi. She thrust a small black flashlight at Jessi’s life-line (it’s long) and started spitting out rapid-fire psychic observations:            
Simone said Jessi in an over-achiever and a perfectionist. (True) Jessi is stressed at work. (True) Jessi is too picky. (True) Simone told Jessi to go out dancing that night, to let her hair down and to flirt with not one but two guys and to get their phone numbers. And Simone told Jessi to stop going for her same “type.” (True!) How did Simone know Jessi planned to go out on the town after our meal? (Jessi had plans to meet another girlfriend at a club; Justin and I had plans to meet our friend Bill Maher in our living room.)                                                                                                      
Next up for psychic observation: Me
Simone said I’m too focused on my family. (True?) She said I’m stuck between being a homebody and wanting to go on wild adventures. (True) She said I should take a vacation. (True) (And ironic considering my most recent post on… taking vacations.) And Simone said I procrastinate. (Guilty)

And then Justin:
Simone said Justin is entrepreneurial. (True) And then Simone said that Justin needs to tie the knot with his significant other soon. (Hmm) And she said he had recently made a big purchase. (True??? Justin won’t tell…)

Jessi and I were sold! We forked over some cash and asked where we could find Simone – did she have a card? No she said. But she “works the block” (By West 4th & Perry) and she’s often at The Stonewall Inn and the Cubby Hole.

On Monday I asked Jessi if she ended up flirting with 2 guys on Saturday night and getting their numbers. Did she venture outside of her type? No, she said, she’s too picky :)


P.S. Sant Ambroeus is delicious! The appetizers are pricey but the main courses are on par with NYC pricing. We had the Tagliatelle Saltate Alla Bolognese and Penne Al Pomodoro E Basilico.

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  1. I love this post! Amy - you are the best!


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