Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Quite hypocritically, since this post I’ve worked 9 – going on 10 – days without taking a break. The upside is that I’ll be able to go Montauk for July Fourth (and fifth and sixth and seventh). So I’m sort of practicing what I preach. I’ve also been embracing some of the more relaxing elements of NYC – like bike riding along the Hudson River.

Justin got me a bicycle for my b-day back in February. He had been humming “Bicycle Race” by Queen for days prior, but I hadn't picked up on the hint. Justin believes having a bike is a prerequisite for being a true West Villager. And really he just knows how much I love bike riding (despite being a bit scared to ride on busy city streets) (similar to how I love the beach but am scared of big waves). Anyway it was an AWESOME gift, but it was too big. We ended up getting two Biria bikes instead: his and hers, black and cream. And I souped up mine with a big basket. (I try to be a Yogi about it and travel light, but usually I fail.)

We’ve gone on some lovely voyages – to dinner at Hudson Clearwater (delicious food and wonderful ambiance) and to the Hudson River bike path on various occasions, including a sunset spin. And recently we biked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s not an easy ride! Especially on a sweltering hot day – before returning to the Village for ice cream from this fancy ice cream truck.

I love NYC but oftentimes I miss nature. I need to break out of the concrete jungle. And it makes sense. Dr. Andrew Weil says “Insufficient contact with nature predisposes us to depression.” He advises in his book Spontaneous Happiness to “Find ways to connect with nature. Take advantage of city parks. Bring natural beauty into your living space.” I’m looking forward to finally taking a few days off and escaping to The Hamptons. And when I’m back in The City I’ll keep taking bike rides by the water. Doctor’s orders.



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