Friday, December 20, 2013

The Band

One incredibly important wedding vendor I didn’t touch on previously is the band -- not because they weren’t amazing, but because my husband did the dirty work when it came to researching and working closely with the band/manager. The band’s manger even joked that Justin would make a great music producer. I agree. We wanted to host an amazing dance party, and we did, thanks to Justin’s input.

Below is the “playlist” of our processional:
Can’t You See, The Marshall Tucker Band > Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles > Canon in D, Pachelbel

For our recessional the band busted out a trumpet and played Here I Am Baby (Come and Take Me) by Al Green.

For our courtyard cocktail hour a member of the band played acoustic guitar.

Justin and I entered the reception to Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out by Bruce Springsteen. (We had to bring a little Jersey to Cali.) And our first song was Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, a song Justin once played on a jukebox for me back in college.

We enlisted a ten-piece band for the party. They played a lot of oldies but goodies, and lots of current tunes as well. For us they learned the songs of the summer: Blurred Lines and Get Lucky. And Justin even surprise serenaded me with a special rendition of Paul Simon’s Late in the Evening, with our friend Charlie on guitar.

Our wedding reception was a magical dance party, thanks to an amazing band and an amazing producer, the Groom.
[Cocktail Hour]
[Reception Entrance]
[Surprise Serenade]

P.S. Our friends Fallon and Even got married in October and they surprised everyone (including the Groom himself!) with an acapella group. As the Bride and Groom began their recession post ceremony, one man stood up, then another, then another – all singing Happy Together. At first we were all confused, like who are these crazy relatives singing in the audience? (They were sitting randomly throughout.) But then it became clear that this was a planned acapella performance, and it was beautiful. And the element of surprise made it all the more fun.

P.P.S. My friend Julie, married last October, gave me some of the best wedding advice ever. She told me to stay on the dance floor all night, and that’s where guests will want to be. Fortunately we had spoken to everyone at our Welcome Dinner the night before, and throughout our wedding cocktail hour, so Justin and I didn’t need to go around to each table. We were able to dance the night away, just as Julie had recommended. And I wouldn’t change a thing. 

(Photos by Carlie Statsky)

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