Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nutcracker

In addition to this awesome Hanukah gift, my husband gave me (us) tickets to see The Nutcracker this year. It wasn’t out of the blue; I’d been saying for the past few years how much I loved The Nutcracker as a kid. I remembered the show as a magical, heart-warming ballet. And my memory served correct. We went this past Friday and the production was nothing short of fantastic. A little girl sitting near us couldn’t help but comment throughout the show, and she got especially excited about the snow floating onto to the stage: “How do they do that?! It must be magic… It’s real magic!” she quite audibly whispered, much to the delight of all the adults around her. She unabashedly said what we were all thinking. Pure magic.


P.S. More on magic here.


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