Friday, October 28, 2011


I recently popped into Dylan’s Candy Bar to pick up a few Halloween treats. We most likely won't have any trick-or-treaters, but we have got to get into the holiday spirit! I’m opting not to dress up as a promiscuous anything this year. But I am filling the apartment with pumpkin muffins and sweets. So really I’m going as “domestic goddess.” Some pics...

Mini chocolate pumpkins:

Our Reese's Pieces Halloween stash, JUST IN CASE some kid makes his way up to the 5th floor of our mostly young-professionals Gramercy apartment building:

The gumball bathtub at Dylan’s Candy Bar (I couldn’t bring it home, but I want to share it with you… I mean, how awesome?!):


P.S. Doesn’t Halloween make you think of Mean Girls?

Watch this hilarious Mean Girls/Halloween clip.

P.P.S. Need a holiday gift to bring along to a Halloween or Thanksgiving celebration? Shop at Dylan’s Candy Bar! Oh the selection… Like a kid in a candy shop….

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