Monday, October 17, 2011

The City

My Grandma Elly lived in New York City her whole adult life. She used to say, “When you walk out your door, you’re somewhere.” She didn’t have to travel far to get to her favorite restaurants, shows and shops. And she thrived in the city that doesn’t sleep. She was a night owl, not a morning person (just like me!) I too love NYC, but there are moments when I crave space and suburbia. And unlike Elly, her son (AKA my Dad) hates Manhattan. ("There’s too much traffic and not enough golf.")

How do you feel about NYC?


P.S. This clip of “nice” New Yorkers gave me goose bumps.


  1. I heart NY. Also, I heart choc chip banana bread.

  2. i heart NYC, choc chip banana bread, and amy aka gumdrop

  3. i heart you anonymous 1 & 2!!


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