Monday, October 3, 2011

Case of the Mondays

I was nearly knocked over while waiting in line at CVS earlier today. I said sorry. She, the assaulter, said nothing. Rather than roll my eyes or make a bitchy comment under my breath, I practiced compassion and let her off the hook. Who knows? Maybe she was headed for the Tampax aisle. Or maybe she just had a case of the Mondays.

Speaking of having the blues, here’s an article on crying in public. Have you ever cried in public? I have. I remember a specific instance years ago, when I was slaving away at a Devil Wears Prada job. I had a meltdown on the sidewalk, oh so discreetly in the middle of Times Square. I had probably just gotten screamed at for getting my boss a triple-espresso-café-latte-NON-FAT-milk-with-3-and-a-half-splendas instead of a quadruple-espresso-café-latte-NON-FAT-milk-with-3-and-a-half-splendas. Oops.

Here’s a yogic tip on BEATING the blues: inversions. “Inversions—any pose that gets your heart or feet above your head—have an amazing capacity to enliven your body, mind, and spirit,” says Stan Woodman, yoga teacher trainer and co-owner of Kaia Yoga in Greenwich, CT (whole living mag, Oct 2011). All yoga experts I’ve encountered say the same thing: going upside down makes you happy. So why not put your legs up against the wall? (Or do a headstand, handstand, etc.)

Happy head-standing!


(pic via gaiamlife)

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