Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood

As I’ve mentioned before, my Grandma Elly never cooked. Instead, like any resourceful New Yorker, she used her oven for shoe storage. She and my Grandpa Riis went out to eat at the most fabulous restaurants, including Elio’s. They dined at Elio’s at least bi-weekly and always shared the same tri-colore salad and two entrees: chicken parmesan and penne primavera. My Grandpa still goes to Elio’s on a regular basis, but now he takes me as his date.
[Elly & Riis]
There’s something to be said for having a fabulous local restaurant where everyone knows your name. Justin and I have found that in Rosemary’s Enoteca & Trattoria. Rosemary’s is right around the corner from our humble abode and it has the trifecta of important qualities: awesome ambiance, delicious food and great service. What’s more? It’s a lot more affordable than Elio’s : )

Rosemary’s opened in June and has been jam-packed ever since. Justin and I had stopped in when the restaurant first opened its doors, eager to see what had come of the once run-down Halloween store space. The uber-warm host and hostess introduced themselves and took our names. They haven’t forgotten us since. The staff at Rosemary’s is lovely despite having to manage hoards of people coming through their doors. Of course that’s a good “problem” to have. With a no reservations policy and delicious Italian food that isn’t over-priced, it’s no wonder the place is so popular. The bar, serving bottles of wine at $40/pop and glasses of vino for $10/each, is always bustling. The overall setting is high energy but also very pleasant; the décor is rustic country, with planters strewn about the place and small twinkly lights hanging from the ceiling. Also from up above: many of the menu’s vegetables straight from the rooftop garden. My favorite menu items are the eggplant caponata, the prosciutto di parma and soppressata, roasted brussel sprouts, Rosemary’s or caprese focacce and the market fish. Justin swears by the orechiette. Warning to anyone really sensitive to spicy flavors like me, all of the pastas have a little kick; I suggest asking the waiter to hold the pepper flakes. And in general, my best advice regarding Rosemary’s is to show up about an hour before you plan on eating, and either go back to your apartment if it’s nearby, or drink and nosh at the restaurant’s lively bar or at a spot nearby like Kingswood.

[Rosemary’s Bar Area - Photo Credit: Brian Park]

[Rosemary’s Rooftop Garden]

Bon Appétit!

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