Monday, September 19, 2011

Dress code

Hasn’t Facebook put a damper on rewearing outfits? 

Before Facebook, no one knew when I rewore the same top & bottom every single Saturday night… Now I have to be more creative with my mixing and matching. And special events? Forget about it. Wear the same dress to two weddings and that is clearly the only dress you own. Jennifer Aniston was recently quoted saying that she’ll wear her favorite bikini until it falls apart. People were actually giving her a hard time for being spotted in the same bathing suit over and over every summer! I still sport a suit from freshman year of college… But poor celebs… their outfits have been scrutinized since the invention of paparazzi in La Dolce Vita. At least stars get pampered with SWAG. For all of us mortals, here are a few tips for keepin’ it fresh despite Facebook photos surfacing…

Rent the runway
Rent a designer dress for 90% off retail prices.

Accent with different accessories
We’ve all seen the magazine feature with celebs rewearing one piece, but with different accessories. Bring a dress from day to night, or from weekend to weekend, just by tweaking your handbag, shoes, jewelry, hairdo, etc.
Curb Chain Bracelet Set, Forever 21, $3.80

Beg, borrow, (don't) steal
I recently lent a dress to a friend for a wedding. We roll in different circles, and I’m sure we look different in the sheath anyway. You don’t have to be roomies in college to share clothes. You just have to schlep across town. Totally worth it.

Shop at inexpensive stores
It may sound obvious, but many people – myself included – are intimidated by the mobs at Forever 21, H&M, and other low-priced retailers. Try to sneak out to these stores at lunchtime or during other off-times. When I've sucked it up and dealt with the crowds (and over-stimulation) at these places, I’ve found gems! And of course shopping online is always an option.

Striped ¾ Sleeve Dress, Forever 21, $11.50

Happy shopping! (Or renting or borrowing)


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