Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yoga deal of the day & workshop roundup

$29 for a month of unlimited yoga at ISHTA in NYC… sounds too good to be true!
ISHTA has been recommended by my teachers Chrissy Carter and Anna Dioguardi (who currently teaches there). I’m looking forward to experiencing a new studio and learning from a whole new set of classes. See you on the mat.

Anatomy of Asana: Scapular Stability & Inversions, taught by Chrissy Carter
October 2nd, 1pm-6pm at YogaWorks (my alma mater)
I’m dying to go to this workshop. Chrissy is an amazing teacher and has really helped me to improve my own inversion practice. Although she won’t admit it, she’s an anatomy expert and always knows which specific alignment instructions each individual body needs.

Sunday Night Budh Circle at Om Factory in NYC
Looking for like-minded people to meet up with and share a lovely yogic experience? My friend, and experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, is hosting a Sunday night healing circle, which fuses the benefits of yoga with meditation & energy healing.




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