Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thinking outside the box: ball jars

I’m all about nesting lately, and I’m trying to be creative about storing all the stuff that’s accumulated in our studio apartment. Check out my trick for making everything from collectables to kitchen utensils aesthetically pleasing: ball jars.

Matchbooks collected and kept on the bar (in a ball jar)

Corks stored in a large ball jar, sitting atop the wine fridge

Candle in a ball jar, set on the coffee table

Flowers in a ball jar, sitting on the windowsill

Cooking utensils live in a ball jar, on the kitchen counter 

You can buy ball jars at hardware stores like Basics Plus or online



  1. I love lipsticks,blushes,and eyeliners in balljars!!

  2. ooh i love that idea!! ball jars on the bathroom counter (until of course i have a vanity) thanks!!


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