Monday, September 10, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Celebrity couples are infamous for their lack of longevity. Everyone knows that. Not everyone gets seriously sad when a celeb couple parts, but I do. I admittedly get disproportionately upset about celeb breakups. After all, they’re real people – just like us! – capable of heartache and all (unless of course they’re participating in publicity stunts). Regardless, breaking up is hard to do. And I over-sensitively empathize with each and every star. So of course it pained me to hear about the demise of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s union. Even though I don’t watch either of their TV shows. 

The one celeb couple I have the utmost faith in is Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (despite the fact that they had an affair while Hanks was with his first wife.) I once read a quote in Us Magazine that stuck with me, about the secret to their healthy marriage. According to Wilson it’s that Hanks makes her lattes, they talk five times/day, and he makes her laugh. But of course true compatibility must play a part. When it comes to famous peoples’ relationships, there is in fact a method behind the madness. The New York Times even published this article about the science behind celebrity breakups. Enjoy the data!
P.S. Now that I’m on the knot I’m automatically receiving [the nest] newsletters… For the most part these emails are just accumulating as unread, but this article caught my eye. 
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