Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hamptons 2.0

As I’ve said before, the best time to go to The Hamptons (or anywhere) is September. Justin and I even considered having a September wedding in Montauk before we were seduced by Napa.

Anyway we went to Amagansett last weekend, and I can now share a new and improved guide to The Hamptons.

Best Laid-Back Bar - 
Try the bar’s signature drink: the BBC (Banana Baileys Colada). (Thank you for the introduction Jamie!)

Best Lobster Roll - 
Clam Bar’s street-side locale isn’t quite as appealing as Duryea’s perch on the water, but the food’s better and the ambiance is still enjoyable. The Clam Bar always plays great music, and the lobster roll is perfection. (It’s a lot less dilly than the lobster sandwich at Duryea’s.) Our table was even interviewed by the Travel Channel for a “Beaches” series including a segment on the best lobster roll in The Hamptons. We (genuinely) explained why the Clam Bar has the best lobster roll...
Justin: “They let the lobster do the talking."
Travel Channel: "If the lobster could speak, what would it say?"
Tune into the show next spring for Justin's answer...

Best Coffee Shop - 
This is a no brainer. Jack’s has an Amagansett outpost! And I was finally able to check it out. We biked there, which was lovely. And the coffee shop itself is delightful. It’s larger and more extensive than the one in the West Village, and it has many more food options including delicious homemade oatmeal, as well as a selection of Asher’s packaged goods. I absolutely love their dark chocolate smothered pretzels.

Best Form of Transportation - 
I’ve always favored trains over buses, but no longer. The Jitney was comfortable enough and the staff even handed out complimentary water bottles and lemonade. And the best part? We were able to avoid Penn Station.



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