Thursday, September 6, 2012

FNI (AKA “Fashion’s Night In”)

I’m with this girl:

Tonight is Fashion Night’s Out (FNO). If you’re not familiar with the event, it involves over 700 stores (in NYC alone) extending their hours to promote brands and offer discounted and limited-edition merchandise, along with free drinks and musical performances. There will be hoards of people going from store to store for the free goodies. It’s basically a Halloween for the 20-something set. Some of the “costumes” are of course ridiculous. And the situation is especially appealing for wannabe models who don’t eat candy but do enjoy GWP’s. (That’s retailer lingo for “Gift with Purchase.”) Oh and there will be celebrity appearances.

I will not be making an appearance. I’m opting out of participating in this evening’s festivities. I don’t love shopping, and I definitely don’t love shopping among packs of people. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate fashion or need a little something something every now and then. But I’ve learned to do the lunch-break errand and also capitalize on my weekdays off for when I must visit the department stores on Fifth Avenue and the tourist-friendly boutiques in Soho.

And what’s more I’m beyond having FOMO. I’m happy being a homebody, much unlike my 25-year-old self, and much to the dismay of my still-rowdy girlfriends. Tonight I’ll probably be virtually window-shopping on Pinterest and ThreadMatcher while sitting in front of the “boob tube” (as Justin calls it) watching this guy at the DNC. The best part: I won’t need to dress up.


P.S. For dressing down during this dreary Fashion Week, my essentials are Hunter rain boots and my new-ish Tatula hooded military jacket from Artizia. 

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  1. Window shopping on Pinterest is the best :-)


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