Thursday, January 10, 2013

freewheelin' singerthal

Justin and I jumped at the chance to have our wedding on the West Coast, but we did want some element of our nuptials to take place in our home-base of NYC. Enter: our engagement photography session. We found the lovely and talented photographer Veronica by word of mouth (thank you Gabrielle) and we couldn’t have picked a person more suited for the job of capturing us, just being us.

We spoke to Veronica on the phone before booking our shoot and while brainstorming our engagement session location Veronica suggested we just plan our “perfect day.” So we did what we normally do on the weekends… We grabbed coffee from Jack’s and we stopped by La Bonbonniere, followed by a visit to my favorite magazine shop. We also strolled around the cobblestone streets of our neighborhood and went for a quick spin on our bikes. (Justin did propose mid bicycle-ride after all.) We ended up at Rosemary’s where we took in the village sights from the rooftop garden and then grabbed drinks with Veronica by the bar. It was a perfect day.

Here’s the link to Veronica’s blog, and here are a few of our favorite photos –

A (+J)

P.S. Why “Singerthal?” Our (mutual) college friends have taken to calling us this blend of our last names (Singer & Rosenthal), a la “Brangelina.” 




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