Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fall Back In

For me, fall/winter has been a time of overconsumption. I haven’t been following my own advice to eat non-nutritious food in moderation, as discussed here. It started mid-October. Justin and I (along with 20 of our closest college friends) visited our alma mater, The University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was a blast, and we binged on beer and cheese curds among other college munchies. Then we got stuck in Chicago during Sandy, which turned out to be a great opportunity to prolong our time with college friends, but also an excuse to just laze around, just like we did back in college. From Chicago we road-tripped back to NYC, which of course was another unhealthy eating excursion. Next was NOLA for Thanksgiving. And since being back in NYC, it’s been one Secret Santa dinner after another, as well as Hanukah feasts with family, Xmas Chinese food and movie theater candy. Lots of movie theater candy.

This period of overconsumption has not been limited to food. We’ve recently seen many movies both in theaters and on TV, we’ve started two new television series, and I read another new book. All this of course in addition to my weekly digest of too many magazines to admit. It’s been media overload.

It’s time to lighten the load, mindfully. I’m trying to be yogic and not make myself feel bad for the fact that I’ve been feeling blah because I’ve been eating poorly and watching too much TV. Otherwise I’ll just continue to eat poorly and be inactive. (And so the vicious cycle goes.)    

No. Yoga has taught me to accept me for me, as I am. Yoga has taught me to not beat myself up over “bad” behavior – to not label behavior as being “bad” or “good” in the first place. I read this inspiring statement in a YogaWorks newsletter today: “Don’t get discouraged if unhealthy eating habits show up from time to time. As some of my favorite yoga teachers say during a challenging pose, ‘if you fall out, fall back in.’”


P.S. A quick media review –
I thought This is 40 was eh.
I loved Les Mis.
I also loved Django Unchained. (Even though I had to cover my eyes for much of it.)
And Gone Girl? So good. I couldn’t put it down.  

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