Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I really want to like Girls. Especially since season two of Homeland ended and I’ve been feeling a weekly void come Sunday night TV time. But while Girls is entertaining, it’s just not that funny. Or smart. The writing isn’t nearly as brilliant as that of its oft compared to HBO series: Sex and the City.

And shouldn’t I be the quintessential Girls viewer, a white 20-something “coming of age” in NYC? Maybe I’m a little too close to 30… Regardless I’ll keep watching, at least as Season Two unfolds. One very small part of Sunday night’s episode three (titled “Bad Friend”) stood out as amusing: the exchange between Hannah and her junkie neighbor Laird regarding wireless network names. Hannah and her rotating roommates had chosen “Madame Ovaries” and then “Muffins Are Tasty.” Not bad. Remember this AMB post on the same subject? I think we’re on to something… Wireless network names will soon be a coffee table book at Urban Outfitters. In fact, maybe I’ll pitch the idea to publishers now… And then my kitschy coffee table book will end up in Hannah’s hipster apartment


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