Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who’s the Boss

One of my previous jobs was in marketing at Elle Decor magazine. I started out as a sales assistant, reporting to three very important people. Thankfully it wasn’t a Devil Wears Prada situation, but it certainly wasn’t a picnic every day. It was a job after all, but it was overall extremely enriching, and even fun. I was lucky to be surrounded by awesome peers and to be serving under three people I count as mentors. I learned a ton and I was treated well, despite the general sense of doom that sometimes subsists in magazines. One of my first bosses at Elle Decor was a woman I’ll call K. She had a no-nonsense attitude, a killer sense of style and a mental Rolodex of the names of all the best decorators, doctors, places to eat in Paris… the best of everything. She was an invaluable source of information regarding Elle Decor and otherwise for me. She introduced me to John Robshaw – a designer whose pillows are now perched on my couch. K sent me to the Upper East Side dermatologist. (K doesn’t seem to age.) And she introduced me to Susan Miller. Not personally, of course, but to Miller’s Astrology Zone. I was hooked. And now, apparently, everyone is hooked. Check out this article recently published by NY Mag. And check out your personal horoscope here. You just might find the advice you need. With or without a mentor.


P.S. Remember Simone the Psychic? She was right about Justin, now my fiance :)

P.P.S. Thank you to K, for everything. 


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