Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As discussed here, I’m getting all new ID’s bearing my new name. I’m embracing my name change. I’m excited to be a Singer. The downside? Having to get all new ID photos.

I think I’m low-maintenance; my husband begs to differ. Justin agrees with Harry, of When Harry Met Sally fame: I’m the worst type of high maintenance, because I think I’m low maintenance. I don’t deliberate over outfits or spend very much time on makeup. But I do take my time ordering a sandwich. I’m particular when it comes to eating out.

When do I really primp? For big events, and for ID pics. I know to some it may seem ridiculous, but you have your ID’s for years to come! So when Refinery29 featured this post on looking fine for the DMV, I took note.

And I was pleasantly surprised when the cat lady (she literally had a cat with her in the bodega) taking my new passport picture provided the below commentary, in broken English:

“You vain.”

“But pretty.”

“I like you style.”

“You skinny.”

“Where you going?”

“I don’t like Mexico.”

“Ugh, the food.”


P.S. Speaking of vain and skinny, StyleCaster instructs on how to look skinny in pictures, here. (In case you didn’t get the memo about The Arm Trick.)

P.P.S. My first passport pic, from before I was vain J


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