Saturday, January 4, 2014


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions any more. Those clichéd self-promises don’t stick. They’re silly. Instead, I’m being a yogi regarding The New Year. I’m taking some time to reflect on 2013 and I’m setting some intentions for going forward. But my most important intention of all: to be present through it all.

2013 was a big year.
I traveled to Napa (twice!) and Jamaica.
We went on an amazing honeymoon. (Blog posts to come.)
I went on my first safari and visited South Africa and Mauritius for the first time. (See above.)
I earned a promotion at work.
A MUSE BOUCHE got lots of love on social media here and here. (Thank you fans.)
I embraced Instagram (@amyesinger).
I watched Breaking Bad, in an embarrassingly short period of time.
I taught myself how to make homemade chicken salad and used those skills to make many packed lunches for my hubby and me.
I learned how to make homemade sushi; thanks to our amazing NYE hosts Megan & Ryan.
My husband and I started cooking dinner, often.
[Wedding Photo by Carlie Statsky, Napa, CA]
[Cape Town, South Africa]
[Sabi Sands in Kruger National Park, South Africa]

2014 is going to be a big year.
I want to try a cooking class.
I’m going to continue cooking and brown bagging my lunch.
I plan to find an apartment spacious enough for a kitchen table. (Only in NYC, friends.)
I want to host dinner parties, or at least more parties, for my friends.
I plan to post a new blog at least once/week.
I’m going to work on my book, seriously.
I will travel more with my hubby.
I intend to unplug more, always during meals.
I want to clean out the clutter in my personal space, in my email and in life.
I will continue to enjoy the little things, like snuggling up under some Faux Fur with my husband on a frigid winter day.


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