Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeling down?

Whether it’s the cold, dark weather AKA the winter blues or tragic-news-induced-sadness or both, I’ve been feeling “blah” lately. So I followed the advice of Dr. Andrew Weil, Elephant Journal and I’m sure many a therapist, and I got outside. Here’s a pic from my refreshing (and mood-boosting) jog along the Hudson River today:

Fun, kind of uplifting bonus: On the way home I had the opportunity to see SJP! I passed because I was pretty sweaty and feeling a little jaded about seeing celebs, but I was excited to hear “sow-rah” when I asked the paparazzi who they were waiting for. “Sow-rah sow-rah” they said. “Ohh as in Jessica Parker” I replied. “Good luck.”


P.S. Read more from Dr. Andrew Weil here and here.

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