Thursday, December 20, 2012

The News

I’ve offered my methods of escaping the scary reality of media before (here and here). But I also want to discuss tuning into what’s happening. I support people who use Facebook and other forms of social media to express their sorrow. People need outlets for their grief, and they can’t always find it in person. Some people just want to participate in the social media dialogue. I get it. I’m a blogger. But I do think it’s important to check on our sources of information before we pass on “facts” about the Newtown tragedy, or about any news story. As a Journalism major this media phenomenon of passing around any info on the web, like a big game of telephone, is especially disturbing to witness. Every media outlet wants to be the first to report an uncovered “fact.” But many times these reported “facts” are later discovered to be inaccurate. And this is scary in and of itself: False information being delivered by irresponsible media sources and then perpetrated by an unknowing public. As citizens of the great (and sometimes scary) United States we need to be checking our sources and reminding ourselves that knowledge of truth is power. The First Amendment is powerful. And of course with great power comes great responsibility. But is everyone who is spreading information being responsible? We need to be discerning individuals who trust (and share) facts reported from trustworthy news sources. Personally I trust The New York Times, PBS and 60 Minutes. Right knowledge is real power.



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