Thursday, December 13, 2012

Restaurant Review: Hudson Clearwater

I’ve mentioned Hudson Clearwater restaurant before, but it’s time for a more detailed review. Justin and I just went there last week and it really always satisfies. The food is consistently delicious. The ambiance is high-energy but lovely. The place is always packed so the restaurant tends to feel cozy, but not in a claustrophobic way. And the lighting is romantically candle-lit. Also it doesn’t hurt that the bartenders and wait-staff are all models. But more important: the food. My favorite appetizer is the butter clams, gnocchi, sautéed kale and parsley-lemon bouillon. For a main course I recommend the Atlantic sea bass (with sautéed Swiss chard, wild mushrooms, celery root purée and pistachio oil). Justin likes the crispy dusk breast (with smashed root vegetables, black kale and peppercorn velouté). And for a side: the shaved Brussels sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, honey crisp apple and caramel is perfect and not as sweet as it sounds.
Bon Appétit!

P.S. Hudson Clearwater has a lovely garden with outside seating for dining a la fresco on warm summer nights.

P.P.S. We went to Hudson Clearwater with our loved ones to celebrate our engagement. (There's a small private room downstairs.)


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