Thursday, March 14, 2013

"In Your (Radiant) Face" -- A Tribute To Dr. Hauschka

Today I’m thrilled to be featuring a guest post by my coworker/bestie Brian.


Two weeks ago was my boyfriend’s 30-hmmmmmth birthday and I bought him some Dr.Hauschka products.

Admittedly I was more excited about these goodies than he was (and I bought them with the intention of using all items regularly) but since I also bought him a fancy dinner at Annisa (best meal ever, separate blog entry to follow) and a private session with his favorite Yoga Instructor, I thought the shared gift would be something fun for both of us.

I bought him the Cleansing Milk, the Moisturizing Day Cream, the Neem Hair Lotion, and a Lip Care Stick. After using each product only once, we immediately went out to buy the Lavender Bath, the Facial Tonic, the Daily Eye Revitalizer and the Cleansing Cream (which has a gentle exfoliant that the cleansing milk doesn’t have). I won’t tell you how much we spent. You can go to the website or to one of Dr. Hauschka’s distributors and do the math yourself. The truth is I don’t even know the grand total, I’m too embarrassed, and really too scared to even think about it.

Nowadays washing our faces is done with as much attention and ceremony as the washing of the Pope’s feet. It’s glorious. Warm lavender water, a light scrub, a spritz of tonic, and lush lotions. The lure of washing my face is enough to wake me up in the morning, even when I’ve only had scant sleep.

Originally Benjamin (the BF) and I thought of these products as a one-time special treat.  Now we know we can never live without them. Seriously, I think we’ll choose to live off of PB and J for a month if that’s what it’ll take to be able to purchase these skincare products again.

Of course I haven’t kept this discovery to myself. When I get to work in the mornings, I burst forth into the Yoga studio melodiously asking “How does my face look??!?!?” I make my coworkers smell my cheeks and stare at my pores. It’s gross and annoying, but mostly everyone laughs. Which is fine. I bring a certain amount of “goof” to these interactions, and for the most part the ladies at YogaWorks find me charming. But really it’s a serious matter and I want everyone to know Dr. Hauschka is seriously amazing. And for the most part, my coworkers are interested and believe me.

Amy, however, isn’t convinced by my show. A lady of impeccable taste (we know this to be true) she loves my flair but isn’t necessarily swayed so easily. She has the products that she loves, and isn’t interested in being proselytized. When I get up in her face and apply the Lip Care Stick to my lips while moaning in ecstasy she appropriately rolls her eyes and tells me to get away from her. At that point I usually beg, “Amy PLEAAAASE!  Just give it a try!” I then get a deadpan stare that turns me away with my tail between my legs.

This is all to say you can imagine my delight this morning when one of my favorite clients at the Yoga studio, who I haven’t seen in weeks, came in to the office and IMMEDIATELY complimented my face. This particular client shares my rich taste but probably has the funds to back it up. Regardless, she is a well-grounded individual and I always thoroughly enjoy our conversations, be they about Yoga, about clothes, about art or about perfume, whatever. So when she beamed at me and asked “WHAT have you been DOING with your skin, it looks FABULOUS” in a stop-the-presses tone of voice I IMMEDIATELY turned to Amy and said “SEE? Amy? AMY. SEE???” Amy smiled and laughed, and after my client left, she told me that yes she agreed as well, and would I please write about it for her. Since I’ve been torturing her with lewd noises and in-her-face emollient applications, I figured I owed it to her. Plus it’s a great way to spread the word. DR. HAUSCHKA Y’ALL!!!


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  1. SUCH a good read! You've got me interested Brian! I may have to go check out some products :-)


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