Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pillars of the Earth

I finally finished The Pillars of the Earth. All 973 pages. Real pages. I don’t do e-books. I feel accomplished. That is – I felt accomplished – until I picked up the sequel: World Without End. It’s just as long… Fortunately I have a beach vacation coming up next month. I’ve also found that reading something fictional (and preferably taking place in the middle ages) helps to lull me to sleep and combat insomnia. It’s pleasant to be transported to another time, without modern technology or climate change. So I save the current events articles and such for the subway. Follett’s books are too heavy to lug around the city anyway. And as stated above, I don’t do e-books. Anyway, the long-awaited (I’m sure with bated breath! JAMB review of The Pillars of the Earth:

I’ll be brief… Excellent. Captivating. Intricately woven. And worth the time commitment. Ken Follett is truly a master. Pillars centers on the construction of a cathedral in an English town in the middle ages. But even if cathedral building isn’t your cup of tea (it’s not mine) Follett’s architecture descriptions are captivating. Even more engaging are his clever and quite intricate storylines of evolving families, enduring romantic relationships, long-standing rivalries, disgusting acts of violence and power struggles between religion and royalty. Follett’s overarching story comes full circle. And it’s both a feat for him, and a treat for the reader.



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