Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love the skin you’re in

This Refinery29 feature was so inspiring. Healthy skin requires the ultimate balance of performing the right skincare rituals for you, and investing in self-care practices like eating healthy food and drinking tons of water. Finding a great dermatologist and investing in the right products also do wonders.

A few of my favorite products, also favored among Refinery29 editors:

My fiancé actually got me hooked on this gentle cleanser, but it’s basically the go-to mild cleanser in every skincare magazine article I’ve ever read…

In the summer I alternate between Cetaphil and this exfoliant. In the winter I use the scrub sparingly, because I’m prone to dry skin when the weather’s bitter. But it really does give me the best glow.  

(Not to be mistaken for its gel counterpart… I made that mistake once… Tragic! J)
I’ve been using this moisturizer for years. I’m addicted. And I always buy the 1.7 oz option; it’s the perfect size for my work tote, evening clutch or travel toiletree case.

Drugstores everywhere only sell the super-sized version. It’s obscene considering you only need apply a tiny amount via q-tip or soft tissue to remove eye makeup. Thankfully sells this 6 oz version. My mom has been using this for more years than she probably cares to share. And I’ve been using it since I started wearing makeup (just a little!) in high school. As promised, it leaves skin soft and cleansed. Added bonus? It also leaves a slight sheen that makes eyes pop when you’re going au natural post makeup removal.


P.S. My friend Brian gets glowing skin via this regimen. (And he’s an enthusiastic brand loyalist.)

image via pinterest 


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