Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Rules

Speaking of unwanted guests at the dinner table, do you and your loved ones have rules in place for keeping out too much technology?

Justin and I ignore our phones during dinner together. And I leave my phone on silent during most of my time at home. (Remember those prehistoric times – back in the 90’s – when you could simply be unavailable?) Periodically I need to take time off from technology, or at least from being “plugged in.” I crave down time.

And lately when Justin and I are out and about, doing errands and all of the boring but beautiful things that a pair of 20-something fianc├ęs does in their spare time, I joke about scenarios like “No phones while waiting on the Duane Reade checkout aisle!” Ironically the only time we’re all about being on our respective smartphones is when we’re in taxis. We’re both susceptible to nausea brought on by reading in moving vehicles. (That’s the technical term of course.)

I read this Huffington Post article recently, which points out that we’re all “social zombies, alone together.”

I’m curious. Do you consider your phone a limb of sorts? Or do you ban technology from your kitchen table? What do you do, in terms of staying on, or disconnecting?

[Just me & the fiance. In the moment.]


P.S. The March issue of Women’s Health magazine reveals that “Having a phone out or texting” is the #1 reason a first date doesn’t make it to the second round.

P.P.S. in the April issue of Health magazine, editors provide “A new reason to power down… Those of us who media multitask are up to 70 percent more likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression.”

photo credit: veronica lola 


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