Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a moment of silence

Why is silence always associated with negative events? “Let’s take a moment of silence to commemorate [insert devastating event].” I think silence is golden, and should be cherished. When I consider silence, rather than conjure up an image of fidgety fans at a ballpark before the National Anthem, I think of melting into a delicious savasana at the end of a yoga class.

Recently I’ve been finding myself banishing Justin to the bedroom and/or forcing him to wear headphones to watch television, especially when I’m blogging, but even when I’m just relaxing and/or reading. 

To be surrounded by noise, all day, is just too much sensory overload. I need some quiet time. Dr. Andrew Weil agrees:
Sound has a direct and powerful influence on the nervous system and on our emotions… Most people are unaware of the effects of sound on the body and mind, even in the midst of the noise population so characteristic of cities and workplaces… The most obvious correlations are with anxiety and insomnia. If you suffer from either, I urge you to pay attention to the sounds in your environment and find out how they might be affecting you. Two simple experiments are to turn off television and radios if you are not actively listening to them, and to notice how different kinds of music make you feel.  Spontaneous Happiness
Especially before bedtime it’s advisable to avoid noise and even technology in general. I try to avoid using electronics at least within a half hour of going to bed. And I think in general it’s good to have a “wind down” ritual prior to bedtime. Sleep is so important, and so many of us (either purposefully or begrudgingly) neglect it . And for those of us occasional (or perpetual) insomniacs, every effort to get some shuteye is worth it!


P.S. Remember when staying up late was so cool? I used to wail when my mom tried to send me to bed before my older brothers. Now, while I’m still a night owl, I try not to stay up too, too late. 

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