Thursday, October 4, 2012

(cheesy) chicken soup for the soul

I shamelessly watch certain cheesy chick flicks over and over again. And they’re not necessarily good movies. I’m embarrassed to admit that my rotation has included 27 Dresses, Catch and Release, The Holiday and now… Friends with Kids. I’m obsessed. I watched it for the first time with my BFF Rachel at her beach house. Maybe it was the fabulous and comfy setting, or maybe it was the movie, but I felt uplifted. And now every time I watch it, I just feel good. For some reason, Friends with Kids is like Xanax, or chicken soup. When Justin was away for the weekend and I couldn’t sleep despite dead-bolting the door and checking on "The Manhattan Protector" I watched Friends with Kids On Demand. When I flew to LA and wanted a happy distraction from my awesome newfound fear of flying, I watched Friends with Kids via iTunes. And just in case I get the winter blues, I’ve secured a Netflix DVD of Friends with Kids. (Probably never to be returned… Until of course, I find a new flavor of comforting chick flick.)


P.S. What do you do to combat the blues? I liked this recent post on Cup of Jo.

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