Monday, October 8, 2012

Paper Trail

I absolutely love paper goods. I can spend hours in a stationery store, perusing the aisles of handmade thank you cards, unique notebooks, etc. Of course as technology takes over, these quaint stores are becoming scarcer, and the handwritten card is becoming less and less common. But no less important! I agree with the old-school etiquette rules that require handwritten thank you cards for kind gestures and gifts. But quite ironically, I have terrible handwriting. Fortunately my better half has better, legible penmanship. So we’re OK in that department. Here are some recent paper finds worth checking out if you too adore stationery and the like, or even if you’re just in need of an obligatory b-day card for a relative…

This adorable boutique is right in my West Village neighborhood, but of course it has an online counterpart. I especially love the store’s greeting cards (many of which are quite witty and/or sarcastic). And the Letterpress also carries some poignant anniversary and other lovey-dovey cards.

[Greenwich Letterpress Interior]

I saw cute ads in bridal mags for this online stationer and decided to give it a shot for our new personalized stationery. I’m so happy I did! Our custom-made note cards came out beautifully. I was able to design the cards online by picking from an assortment of fonts and styles. And the paper quality is excellent.

[Our Personalized Stationery]

This Japan-based store has an NYC outpost right near my office in SoHo. Just like its products, the store has a clean, crisp feel. This is the place to go if you need to de-clutter and can’t handle the chaos of The Container Store. (Isn’t going to The Container Store when you’re in need of de-cluttering like going to the liquor store when you’re feeling hung-over?) Anyway, Muji has the chicest little notebooks in natural colors, as well as sleek looking binders, picture albums and more.

Cupcakes and Cashmere recently featured an adorable card from this Los Angeles stationer. I’ve been clicking through Sugar Paper’s Web site and Pinterest pages and I’m obsessed. I really like their style.


P.S. hello! Lucky has been recommended to me for save the dates or wedding invitations. The site looks like a great option for more paper goodies!

P.P.S. Check out my new Pinterest board dedicated to all things paper.

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